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A heavy, nonporous, nontranslucent pottery, such as jasper ware, that is fired at a high temperature.
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(Ceramics) a hard opaque pottery, fired at a very high temperature
(Ceramics) made of stoneware
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a hard, opaque, vitrified ceramic ware.
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Hard, strong type of pottery fired at about 2282°F, and able to hold liquid without glazing; used for items such as pots and heavy dishes.
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Noun1.stoneware - ceramic ware that is fired in high heat and vitrified and nonporousstoneware - ceramic ware that is fired in high heat and vitrified and nonporous
ceramic ware - utensils made from ceramic material
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مَصْنوعات حَجَرِيَّه
dayanıklı çanak çömlek


A. Ngres m
B. ADJde gres
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[ˈstəʊnˌwɛəʳ] narticoli mpl di grès
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(stəun) noun
1. (also adjective) (of) the material of which rocks are composed. limestone; sandstone; a stone house; stone walls; In early times, men made tools out of stone.
2. a piece of this, of any shape or size. He threw a stone at the dog.
3. a piece of this shaped for a special purpose. a tombstone; paving-stones; a grindstone.
4. a gem or jewel. She lost the stone out of her ring; diamonds, rubies and other stones.
5. the hard shell containing the nut or seed in some fruits eg peaches and cherries. a cherry-stone.
6. a measure of weight still used in Britain, equal to 6.35 kilogrammes. She weighs 9.5 stone.
7. a piece of hard material that forms in the kidney, bladder etc and causes pain.
1. to throw stones at, especially as a ritual punishment. Saint Stephen was stoned to death.
2. to remove the stones from (fruit). She washed and stoned the cherries.
ˈstony adjective
1. full of, or covered with, stones. stony soil; a stony path/beach; It's very stony around here.
2. (of a person's expression etc) like stone in coldness, hardness etc. He gave me a stony stare.
ˈstonily adverb
ˈstoniness noun
ˌstone-ˈcold, ˌstone-ˈdead, ˌstone-ˈdeaf adjective
completely cold, dead, or deaf. He's almost stone-deaf; Your soup is stone-cold. He was stone-dead.
ˈstoneware noun, adjective
(of) a hard type of pottery made of clay containing pieces of stone. a stoneware jug.
ˈstonework noun
construction done in stone, especially the stone parts of a building.
leave no stone unturned
to try every possible means. The police left no stone unturned to (try to) find the child.
a stone's throw
a very short distance. They live only a stone's throw away from here.
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While Ferrier was absent, preparing his daughter for the approaching journey, Jefferson Hope packed all the eatables that he could find into a small parcel, and filled a stoneware jar with water, for he knew by experience that the mountain wells were few and far between.
An 11-year-old elementary schoolboy unearthed a fragment of a rare type of early fifth century stoneware last month in the town of Kamigori, Hyogo Prefecture, the prefectural education board said Thursday.
From a Reuters on-line report datelined Tokyo on archaeologist Shinichi Fujimura, who `planted eight stoneware pieces at an excavation site and claimed the stoneware dated back to an early stage of the Stone Age....
An archaeologist who admitted fabricating the discovery of stoneware first believed to be more than 600,000 years old has been expelled from the institute to which he belonged, the head of the institute said Monday.
Steinzeug GmbH produces and distributes stoneware sewage pipes and accessories.
The sofa costs from PS1245 at ADORN your table with this rustic Kombi stoneware and iron vase by House Doctor.
A stoneware Leach with decorated in a Estimate PS Ives, in Cornwall.
Washington DC-based Filipino artist Hadrian Mendoza has mounted 36 stoneware pieces-shaped by his preoccupation with similarities and differences of people-in the show 'Tao,' ongoing at Ayala Museum's ArtistSpace until Dec.
18 September 2012 - Chinese personal technology major Lenovo (HKG:0992) will expand its cloud computing capabilities by agreeing to take over of US Stoneware Inc, the Chinese company said on Tuesday without unveiling the purchase price.
The first, Tablero , is composed of 49 bas-relief stoneware square tiles that are organised to form a larger square clay wall.