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tr.v. stone·washed, stone·wash·ing, stone·wash·es
To wash (garments or material, usually denim) in large industrial machines with pumice pebbles to soften and abrade the material by friction.


vb (tr)
(Clothing & Fashion) to wash (material, clothes, etc) with pumice stones to give a worn appearance


(ˈstoʊnˌwɒʃ, -ˌwɔʃ)

to wash (cloth) with pebbles or stones so as to give the appearance of wear.
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Verb1.stonewash - wash with stones to achieve a worn appearance; "stonewash blue jeans"
launder, wash - cleanse with a cleaning agent, such as soap, and water; "Wash the towels, please!"
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He was wearing blue stonewash jeans, a black top, black shoes, black gloves and a black baseball cap with a yellow trim and white logo on the front.
Left to right: Zip pocket detail, PS40, Topshop Dark blue zip detail, PS20, F&F @ Tesco Blue zip detail, PS32, M&S Stonewash, PS24.
I particularly love the classic stonewash style but they come in five colour ways/ washes so you're sure to find something that suits you perfectly.
50, Jones Bootmaker; glasses from a selection at Glasses Direct Dusty pink coat, from a selection at NW3 Hobbs; stonewash jeans, PS40, Topshop; Breton stripe top, PS29.
50, Jones Bootmaker Dusty pink coat, from a selection at NW3 Hobbs; stonewash jeans, PS40, Topshop; Breton stripe top, PS29.
Stonewash launched four of the first magazines on Windows 8
He was wearing a dark denim jacket and stonewash jeans and white trainers which were dirty.
Featuring plenty of this season's must-have fabric - good old denim, in stonewash, white and dove grey, pieces are embellished with sequins and tassels for a modern take on western glamour.
com) More of a stonewash mid-blue, this shimmering polish can be worn plain or use the magnet for a dazzling star effect.
He has very drawn features and was wearing a beanie hat, grey hooded top, blue stonewash jeans and white trainers.
Stonewash reveal their Magazine Framework as part of today's Windows 8 Release PreviewC?
The contrasting scatter cushions are soft navy velvet and stonewash blue with a pretty leaf print.