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also ston·ey  (stō′nē)
adj. ston·i·er, ston·i·est
a. Covered with or full of stones: a stony shore.
b. Made of or resembling stone: stony detritus; stony concrete.
a. Unfeeling or hardhearted; unemotional or unsympathetic: "Her tears had dried and she felt a stony kind of calm" (Adam Haslett).
b. Exhibiting no feeling or warmth; impassive: a stony expression.
c. Emotionally numbing or paralyzing: a stony feeling of fear.
3. Slang Relating to or indulging in the use of marijuana.

ston′i·ly adv.
ston′i·ness n.


(ˈstəʊnɪ) or


adj, stonier or stoniest
1. of or resembling stone
2. abounding in stone or stones
3. unfeeling, heartless, or obdurate
4. short for stony-broke
ˈstonily adv
ˈstoniness n


or ston•ey

(ˈstoʊ ni)

adj. ston•i•er, ston•i•est.
1. full of or abounding in stones or rock.
2. resembling or suggesting stone, esp. in its hardness.
3. unfeeling; merciless; obdurate.
4. coldly inexpressive: a stony stare.
5. petrifying; stupefying: stony fear.
6. having stones, as fruit.
[before 1000]
ston′i•ly, adv.
ston′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.stony - abounding in rocks or stones; "rocky fields"; "stony ground"; "bouldery beaches"
rough, unsmooth - having or caused by an irregular surface; "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"
2.stony - showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings; "his flinty gaze"; "the child's misery would move even the most obdurate heart"
hardhearted, heartless - lacking in feeling or pity or warmth
3.stony - hard as granite; "a granitic fist"
hard - resisting weight or pressure


1. rocky, rough, gritty, gravelly, rock-strewn, pebble a stony track
حَجَري، صَخْري، مُغَطّى بالحِجارَهقاسٍ، جاف
buz gibisoğuktaşlı


[ˈstəʊnɪ] ADJ (stonier (compar) (stoniest (superl)))
1. [ground, beach] → pedregoso; [material] → pétreo
2. (fig) [glance, silence] → glacial, frío; [heart] → empedernido; [stare] → duro


[ˈstəʊni] adj
[ground, track] → pierreux/euse, rocailleux/euse
[voice] → blanc(blanche); [silence] → de plomb; [expression, look] → de marbre
Her voice was stony → Elle avait la voix blanche.stony-broke [ˌstəʊniˈbrəʊk] adj (British)fauché comme les blés stony-faced [ˌstəʊniˈfeɪst] adjau visage impassible


adj (+er) ground, beachsteinig; texturesteinartig; (fig) glance, silencesteinern; person, welcomekalt; faceundurchdringlich


adj (Brit inf) → völlig abgebrannt (inf), → total blank or pleite (inf)
adj (= solemn)ernst; (= impassive)mit steinerner Miene


[ˈstəʊnɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) (ground) → sassoso/a; (beach) → pieno/a di ciottoli (fig) (glance, silence) → freddo/a
a stony heart → un cuore di pietra


(stəun) noun
1. (also adjective) (of) the material of which rocks are composed. limestone; sandstone; a stone house; stone walls; In early times, men made tools out of stone.
2. a piece of this, of any shape or size. He threw a stone at the dog.
3. a piece of this shaped for a special purpose. a tombstone; paving-stones; a grindstone.
4. a gem or jewel. She lost the stone out of her ring; diamonds, rubies and other stones.
5. the hard shell containing the nut or seed in some fruits eg peaches and cherries. a cherry-stone.
6. a measure of weight still used in Britain, equal to 6.35 kilogrammes. She weighs 9.5 stone.
7. a piece of hard material that forms in the kidney, bladder etc and causes pain.
1. to throw stones at, especially as a ritual punishment. Saint Stephen was stoned to death.
2. to remove the stones from (fruit). She washed and stoned the cherries.
ˈstony adjective
1. full of, or covered with, stones. stony soil; a stony path/beach; It's very stony around here.
2. (of a person's expression etc) like stone in coldness, hardness etc. He gave me a stony stare.
ˈstonily adverb
ˈstoniness noun
ˌstone-ˈcold, ˌstone-ˈdead, ˌstone-ˈdeaf adjective
completely cold, dead, or deaf. He's almost stone-deaf; Your soup is stone-cold. He was stone-dead.
ˈstoneware noun, adjective
(of) a hard type of pottery made of clay containing pieces of stone. a stoneware jug.
ˈstonework noun
construction done in stone, especially the stone parts of a building.
leave no stone unturned
to try every possible means. The police left no stone unturned to (try to) find the child.
a stone's throw
a very short distance. They live only a stone's throw away from here.
References in classic literature ?
Well, they had no difficulty in recalling that dramatic episode, for it had occurred only a few days before; and a version of it that would have melted the stoniest heart had been presented to every girl in the village by Minnie Smellie herself, who, though it was Rebecca and not she who came off victorious in the bloody battle of words, nursed her resentment and intended to have revenge.
She searched in the pocket of her gown, drew out a pair of black lace mittens, put them on with the stoniest and steadiest composure, and then quietly crossed her hands in her lap.
Some rock 'n' roll girls rolling Js and some of the heaviest, stoniest jams I'd heard in a long time.
Bearing in mind the Valais is a hill breed, grazing the steepest, stoniest slopes of the Alps, he has been impressed by their performance.
Bruce's men left it late to win his duel with Reading boss Jaap Stam, but only the stoniest heart would begrudge Villa their party.
A sturdy breed that was only registered in 1962, the sheep graze easily on the steepest, stoniest slopes, their large size meaning they can provide their owners with meat as well as wool.
At first, I was slightly suspicious of how friendly everyone is but after a few days I concluded that everyone is just genuinely jolly enough to melt the stoniest of British hearts.
2007/12) Philomena Fri 9pm BBC2 Based on real events, here's a tale to melt even the stoniest of hearts.
The heart wrenching images of young Aylan, clad in a red shirt and blue shorts, lying on the shores of the Turkish beach that went viral on the social media are enough to prick the consciousness of the stoniest hearts around.
If your brain has been trained for 10 years in theatre criticism, it becomes the stoniest ground for creativity.
WANTED: A FAMILY OF MY OWN ITV, 9pm These touching stories of adoption are enough to soften even the stoniest of heart.
These touching stories of adoption are enough to soften even the stoniest of heart - and Nicky Campbell returns tonight with a few more.