stoop to

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Verb1.stoop to - make concessions to
patronise, patronize, condescend - treat condescendingly
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Certainly, who hath a state to repair, may not despise small things; and commonly it is less dishonorable, to abridge petty charges, than to stoop to petty gettings.
"It's not set right; handle's too high; see how he has to stoop to it," said one.
Sam Ward and Will Calnan are back from injury, while Rhys Smith and Chris Grassick miss out from the squad that saw off New Zealand at the Twickenham Stoop to secure a top-four finish.
"He should take cognisance of the advice of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to maintain the dignity of the post of Prime Minister and not to stoop to a new low everyday in political discourse," said Tewari.