stop behind

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w>stop behind

vi (inf)(noch) dableiben, länger bleiben; (Sch, as punishment) → nachsitzen
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It was a little carriage of eccentric movement, for again he heard it stop behind him and turn round, and again he saw it pass him.
The airplane continued down the runway, off to the end, through a fence and came to a stop behind me here on Highway 91."
The CCTV footage shows two suspects driving a white saloon car, who stop behind a smaller, parked car owned by N* and then take its computerized number plate off before fleeing.
"One minute later a DAF lorry driver approached at 52mph and came to a stop behind the Volvo."
"For the last two years, I have been taking the feeder bus from Stadium metro station to a stop behind Sahara Centre, but in the last few months I have seen that more people are commuting on this route and we have to wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes to get on the bus," said Mohammed Suhail, a resident of Al Nahda Sharjah.
We chose to act in ways that blocked ourselves on our own major road, causing much inconvenience to ourselves and to others.I have often wondered: Is it a bloated sense of self-importance that makes many of us to believe it is beneath them to stop behind other cars on their lane and allow the traffic to flow slowly, in order, but surely without any blockage?CAR CRASHESbrWhat makes some of us feel we are too important to wait, to queue, to allow others the right of passage and way?
HGV driver Ryszard Masierak, 32, was parked in the slow lane for 12 minutes before a minibus had to stop behind him, prosecutors said.
In addition, Kejun investigated the efficiency of presignal by simulating the studied intersection in VISSIM; consequently, it was demonstrated that although presignals increase the efficiency of the buses, they have a negative impact on the private vehicles' performance because of their additional stop behind presignals.
In the video captured on a GoPro camera attached to his helmet, Randall can be seen riding his bike and coming to a stop behind other vehicles at a red traffic light.
Rosberg emerged from his second pit stop behind Verstappen and on the run down to the hairpin on lap 29 he dived underneath the 18-yearold Dutchman.
It has been watched and reconstructed by Sweden's Aftonbladet newspaper, who say it shows the Nissan coming to a stop behind a lane of cars while waiting for the bridge barriers to open.