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Noun1.stop number - the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a (camera) lens system
ratio - the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient)
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You might as well have tried to stop number three of the barberi, who gained the prize in the race to-day," replied Franz; "and then moreover, what could happen to him?
Stop number three will feature the BVI Tourist Board, as a part of a local delegation attending the annual Seatrade Cruise Global at the Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Centre from March 5 to 8.
112 will work as a one- stop number for all emergency services.
Stop number four is Gandhi's Three Monkeys presented as a bronze installation by Indian artist Subodh Gupta at Katara.
Alternatively, ESTA riders can text or call (760) 201-1117, enter the appropriate bus stop number, and get the next three real-time arrivals for routes that serve that stop via voice or SMS message.
Walking is actively discouraged and praise is just something you do in passing while trying to stop number one killing themselves by jumping off the stairs.
gt; The timetable of public buses at a certain time -- text the letter (D), followed by a space, bus stop number and the required bus arrival time to 5223.
Caption: Corporal Dale Cross, a member of the 2012 Soldier On team, relaxes at rest stop number two on day two of the four-day Nijmegen Marches.
The parameters such as speed, acceleration, stop duration, stop number, turning rate and meander were measured for each point by using MATLAB (version 7.
Some called the ceremony "Campaign Stop Number One.
One way to stop number plate thieves in their tracks is to ensure your plates are fitted with theft resistant screws.
Quiz Mistress did her best to stop Number Theory's bid for a fourth track success, but her flying finish came too late.