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Noun1.stop number - the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a (camera) lens system
ratio - the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient)
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"You might as well have tried to stop number three of the barberi, who gained the prize in the race to-day," replied Franz; "and then moreover, what could happen to him?"
"We appeal to anyone who has information on crime to please contact our Crime Stop number 086 00 10111.
They were supposed to wait at buffer stop number 4 to head to Alexandria," Khaled Abdel Rahman, Nahed's brother-in-law told the Daily News Egypt.
From there, participants will descend past the Garden House to the Roman Lakes, then along a flat route to beer stop number one Then comes an uphill struggle to your second pint, before crossing through the golf course and winding gently back downhill to the Fox Inn.
Based on preliminary studies [29, 30], the following 7 parameters were screened to characterize the movement data for each 5 s segment: speed (mm/s), acceleration (mm/[s.sup.2]), locomotory rate (mm/s), stop number (n), stop time (s), turning rate (rad/s, angular change divide by time), and meander (rad/mm, angle change per movement distance).
June opened with the aircraft's departure from the island country on June 6 to begin it's long trek across the Pacific Ocean and northeast to Alaska and stop number 37 - Anchorage.
" 112 will work as a one- stop number for all emergency services.
Stop number four is Gandhi's Three Monkeys presented as a bronze installation by Indian artist Subodh Gupta at Katara.
Alternatively, ESTA riders can text or call (760) 201-1117, enter the appropriate bus stop number, and get the next three real-time arrivals for routes that serve that stop via voice or SMS message.
Walking is actively discouraged and praise is just something you do in passing while trying to stop number one killing themselves by jumping off the stairs.