stop off

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stop off


stop in


stop by

(often foll by: at) to halt and call somewhere, as on a visit or errand, esp en route to another place
a. a break in a journey
b. (as modifier): stopoff point.
يَتَوَقَّف أثْناء الرِّحْلَه
zastavit se
gøre holdt
megszakítja az útját
koma viî
-de mola vermek

w>stop off

vi(kurz) haltmachen (at sb’s place bei jdm); (on travels also) → Zwischenstation machen (→ at in +dat); let’s stop off and pick up a pizza on the way homelass uns kurz auf dem Heimweg eine Pizza mitnehmen


(stop) past tense, past participle stopped verb
1. to (make something) cease moving, or come to rest, a halt etc. He stopped the car and got out; This train does not stop at Birmingham; He stopped to look at the map; He signalled with his hand to stop the bus.
2. to prevent from doing something. We must stop him (from) going; I was going to say something rude but stopped myself just in time.
3. to discontinue or cease eg doing something. That woman just can't stop talking; The rain has stopped; It has stopped raining.
4. to block or close. He stopped his ears with his hands when she started to shout at him.
5. to close (a hole, eg on a flute) or press down (a string on a violin etc) in order to play a particular note.
6. to stay. Will you be stopping long at the hotel?
1. an act of stopping or state of being stopped. We made only two stops on our journey; Work came to a stop for the day.
2. a place for eg a bus to stop. a bus stop.
3. in punctuation, a full stop. Put a stop at the end of the sentence.
4. a device on a flute etc for covering the holes in order to vary the pitch, or knobs for bringing certain pipes into use on an organ.
5. a device, eg a wedge etc, for stopping the movement of something, or for keeping it in a fixed position. a door-stop.
ˈstoppage (-pidʒ) noun
(an) act of stopping or state or process of being stopped. The building was at last completed after many delays and stoppages.
ˈstopper noun
an object, eg a cork, that is put into the neck of a bottle, jar, hole etc to close it.
ˈstopping noun
a filling in a tooth. One of my stoppings has come out.
ˈstopcock noun
a tap and valve for controlling flow of liquid through a pipe.
ˈstopgap noun
a person or thing that fills a gap in an emergency. He was made headmaster as a stopgap till a new man could be appointed; (also adjective) stopgap arrangements.
ˈstopwatch noun
a watch with a hand that can be stopped and started, used in timing a race etc.
put a stop to
to prevent from continuing. We must put a stop to this waste.
stop at nothing
to be willing to do anything, however dishonest etc, in order to get something. He'll stop at nothing to get what he wants.
stop dead
to stop completely. I stopped dead when I saw him.
stop off
to make a halt on a journey etc. We stopped off at Edinburgh to see the castle.
stop over to make a stay of a night or more: We're planning to stop over in Amsterdam ( noun ˈstop-over)
stop up
to block. Some rubbish got into the drain and stopped it up.
References in classic literature ?
I should have liked to stop off and explore them, but the business of empire would brook no unnecessary delays.
What d'ye say we stop off an' go for a swim this afternoon?
If I make pretty handsomely on one or two next gangs," he thought, "I reckon I'll stop off this yer; it's really getting dangerous.
YOU Me At Six, whose new album Night People is out on January 13, have announced a tie-in spring tour that will stop off at Birmingham's O2 Academy on Monday, April 10.
The band stop off in Belfast as part of an autumn tour which seen Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn stop off in Dublin last night.
You can stop off at High Coniscliffe for a rest, and get another one at the historic Roman bridge at Piercebridge before the final push to Gainford.
Mared Ellis Roberts, who was on the hen do, said: "We were all talking about No Lamb Week, so on the way back from the hen do we decided to stop off at Tesco in Mold to support our local farmers.
NOON For lunch I would stop off in one of the beautiful piazzas in Venice and I'd be sure to enjoy some fantastic Italian red wine with my meal.
For example, if a member of the Trust and their family is travelling to Wales from London, they could stop off at one or more of our properties along the way, to enjoy free parking and a quality catering experience," said Mr Smith.
I REFER to your report that permission for a truck stop off the A55 near Caerwys has been refused.