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stop motion

A filming technique used in animation, in which the camera is stopped after filming each frame or every few frames so as to allow objects within the scene, such as clay figures or paper cutouts, to be adjusted for the following frame.

stop′-mo′tion adj.
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1. (Film)
a. a technique used in animation and photography in which a subject is filmed then adjusted a frame at a time
b. (as modifier): stop-motion animation.
2. (Photography)
a. a technique used in animation and photography in which a subject is filmed then adjusted a frame at a time
b. (as modifier): stop-motion animation.
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Pena's 'Flipzoids' in New York, is in great company in 'Missing Link.' The latest from Laika Studios, known for its stop-motion animation gems, 'Missing Link's' voice cast includes Hugh Jackman, Emma Thompson, Zach Galifianakis, Zoe Saldana and Timothy Olyphant.
This stop-motion animation is a painstakingly crafted, technical tour-de-force, populated by gorgeously hand-crafted characters.
It includes details on advanced puppet fabrication, proven methods, and the authors' practical experience and describes puppet fabrication, including character design, creating the inside and outside of the puppet, and costumes; creating a professional animation space, including lighting and cameras; animation skills, such as expression and animating dialogue; and the stages of making a short stop-motion film, from pre-production to exhibition and distribution.
The teenager will be showing you how to create your own Lego movie using stop-motion animation.
Using stop-motion animation to compress chronology like this enables time to be another aspect of the representation - because it is, both literally and figuratively.
Summary: Washington DC, [USA] Oct 22 (ANI): Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro of 'Shape of Water' fame is set to direct a stop-motion animated movie 'Pinocchio'.
Those famous strings disappeared when the show was given a revamp in 2001, with Andy reimagined through stop-motion animation.
Summary: Some 500 dog puppets were made for the stop-motion animated movie
Wes Anderson's eerily politically prescient, stop-motion black comedy "Isle of Dogs" ranks as the most innovative animated feature since "Toy Story." And then some.
Screencap of Henry Selick giving an interview with movieweb, March 15, 2015 -- movieweb/Youtube Channel CAIRO -- 15 March 2018: Netflix has brought the rights to begin producing a new stop-motion film by director Henry Selick, with "Get Out" director Jordan Peele and comedic actor Keegan-Michael Key on-board.
Here, the makers of Wallace & Gromit return to the big screen with a prehistoric adventure, created with their trademark clay model characters and traditional stop-motion technique.
EARLY MAN (PG) HHH HH IN THE three decades since Wallace and Gromit blasted off to a moon made entirely of cheese, Aardman Animations has charmed us with a menagerie of unforgettable stop-motion creations.