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An excavation in the form of steps made by the mining of ore from steeply inclined or vertical veins.
tr.v. stoped, stop·ing, stopes
To remove (ore) from or mine by means of a stope.

[Perhaps from Low German, step, from Middle Low German stōpe.]

stop′er n.
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a drill used in mininga person who extracts ore from a mine by way of a stope
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Westaway was the name of the founder of the business, but it is really managed by Miss Stoper. She sits in her own little office, and the ladies who are seeking employment wait in an anteroom, and are then shown in one by one, when she consults her ledgers and sees whether she has anything which would suit them.
"Well, when I called last week I was shown into the little office as usual, but I found that Miss Stoper was not alone.
In that case, Miss Stoper, I had best inspect a few more of your young ladies.'
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En particular importa la dimension cultural de las ciudades ante la notable convergencia entre el ambito economico y cultural, denominada en la literatura especializada como "nueva economia" o "economia cultural" (Amin & Thrift, 2007; Stoper & Scott, 2009).
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