stopped up

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Adj.1.stopped up - (of a nose) blocked; "a stopped (or stopped-up) nose"
obstructed - shut off to passage or view or hindered from action; "a partially obstructed passageway"; "an obstructed view"; "justice obstructed is not justice"
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And as if fate once again intervened, Manganti nailed a clutch three that stopped UP's 22-7 run and give Adamson an 80-72 win in the second round.
Manganti's three gave the Soaring Falcons a 77-70 lead that led to an 80-72 win, stopped UP's hopes, and legitimized his reputation as the Diliman's most hated basketball person.
You have to get to the bottom of this, Catherine, before you end up in the package compartment of a stopped UPS truck.