storage medium

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: medium - a medium for storing information
medium - a means or instrumentality for storing or communicating information
magnetic medium, magnetic storage, magnetic storage medium - any storage medium in which different patterns of magnetization are used to represent stored bits or bytes of information; "the hard disk in you computer is magnetic storage"
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The dream of holographic data storage goes back decades and was paraded as the next big data storage medium because of the prospect of higher data storage capacities that were impossible on magnetic media, and which were also much greater than the capacities of optical media (CD-ROM and DVDs at the time).
75% participants considered extra-alveolar time, root completion and storage medium to affect the prognosis combined.
The use of green tea extract as a storage medium for the avulsed tooth.
The aim, she says: “To offer our clients an alternate removable storage medium and an opportunity to purchase them from a company with a great deal of knowledge of Sound Devices products."
But he's quick to point out no storage medium lasts forever; consequently, consumers and business alike need to have a migration plan to new storage technologies.
From separating information from its storage medium (as in downloading data from the Web) to breaking up large company structures for better service and more clearly defined products, The Pebble And The Avalanche examines how disaggregation works: the five methods used to take things part, and how this can generate new innovations and business options.
Designed with open architecture for flexibility, it can be tailored so that customers can use the IP camera and storage medium of their choice, and any computer can serve as a network recorder.
Tape, in fact, might outlive all of us as it continues to be the most effective storage medium and, also, the most adaptive storage technology for over 50 years.
With its huge 4.7GB capacity and multimedia capability, the write-once formatted 8x DVD-R RIDATA disc provides an outstanding, reliable, high-speed storage medium. It offers a high-quality, stable medium for recording all types of data.
NAND flash is also the preferred storage medium for USB flash drives used for data exchange between PCs and notebooks or sophisticated USB-drives featuring MP3-player or integrated Digital Still Cameras.
The media have lately become enthralled by hydrogen as the "clean, abundant energy source," encouraged in this unfortunate deception by the auto industry, As you report, hydrogen is never an energy source, only a carder and storage medium of energy from a source: electricity, heat, or light.

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