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San 1

A river, about 435 km (270 mi) long, of southeast Poland flowing generally north-northwest from the Carpathian Mountains to the Vistula River.

San 2

n. pl. San or Sans
1. A member of a traditionally nomadic hunting people of southwest Africa.
2. Any of the Khoisan languages of the San. In both senses also called Bushman.

[Nama : sáà, to pick up from the ground, gather + -n, common gender pl. suff.]


old-fashioned informal short for sanatorium


1. (Peoples) an aboriginal people of southern Africa
2. (Languages) a group of the Khoisan languages, spoken mostly by Bushmen
3. (Peoples) a group of the Khoisan languages, spoken mostly by Bushmen


(Placename) a river in E central Europe, rising in W Ukraine and flowing northwest across SE Poland to the Vistula River. Length: about 450 km (280 miles)



n., pl. Sans, (esp. collectively) San.
1. a member of any of a group of physically distinctive, short-statured peoples of S Africa, traditionally dependent on hunting and foraging for subsistence.
2. the Khoisan languages of the San.
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