One who owns or operates a store or shop.
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As the owner was showing the two suspects jewelry in the display case, one of the men pulled a knife on the storeowner, Jean Boujekian, and threatened his life.
After winning the jackpot, the storeowner rushed to congratulate Stewart and gave him a hug.
Your success as a storeowner is dependent on a number of factors, including how well you can educate customers on making a proper purchase to meet their needs and persuade them to buy it in-store.
A storeowner raises prices because he sees another one increasing her prices and then another storeowner follows them.
According to police, two armed men entered a general store and snatched cash from the storeowner. On being informed of the incident, a Dolphin Force squad rushed to the spot.
Bobby Royales, a sari-sari storeowner in Tacloban City, said the NFA had stopped giving him his weekly supply of three sacks since last month.
In a statement, storeowner Metro Retail Group said the fire started at around 9:30 p.m.
Storeowner Gary Schneiderman and his late father, Harold, have been operating an Associated Food Supermarket at 1291 Broadway location since the early 1970s.
" It's ` 47,500," replied the storeowner, suggesting discounts and supplies were no issue.
If someone walks into your corner store and walks away with a $160 million lottery ticket, your takeaway as the storeowner is capped at $30,000, the lowest such retail lottery cap in the United States.
Storeowner Ellen Engelman said, “We've had a wonderful first year and wanted to do something special to show our appreciation to the Lexington community, which has been so supportive since we opened.
The storeowner lifted his head and stared at us down the long aisle.