Involving, applying to, or occurring throughout a whole store: a storewide sale.


(Commerce) affecting or occurring throughout an entire store


(ˈstɔrˈwaɪd, ˈstoʊr-)

applying to all the merchandise or departments within a store: a storewide clearance sale.
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In Wheeling, shoppers stocked up on purchases to take advantage of 25 percent storewide discounts, some overfilling two carts and packing their vehicles.
12, shoppers on Lazada benefit from customer-friendly policies such as free delivery storewide and 14 days to return their products for free
The strategy entails storewide enhancements from the expansion of product assortments to customer-centric training for associates and investments in lower prices.
The Steel Shop has announced yet another exciting offer with the name Fathers Day Sale that offers flat 25% discount storewide with the coupon code: FATHER25X.
The emphasis on health and wellness is evident storewide in CVS Pharmacy's latest retail format.
This site wide, storewide 15% discount, which will go live online early morning on 27 November 2016, will simply be applied at checkout both online and in stores during the two-day sale.
Furniture retailer The RoomPlace will donate a portion of the proceeds from its annual July Fourth storewide sale to the Illinois Firefighters Association Foundation and Supporting Heroes, Inc.
Joining the event, Audio4fun offers more options to its users with a special offer: 40% off - storewide - for all of their professional software programs.
Lee is referring to a storewide fundraiser for Children's Hospital, a cause to which Smith has dedicated a great deal of his time and effort.
Holiday Hootenanny Celebrate the season with live music, local vendors and storewide deals.
Authorisation enables David Jones to invite licensee businesses to participate in storewide and category wide promotions that may otherwise raise concerns under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.