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adj. storm·i·er, storm·i·est
1. Subject to, characterized by, or affected by storms; tempestuous.
2. Characterized by violent emotions, passions, speech, or actions: a stormy argument.

storm′i·ly adv.
storm′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.stormily - in a stormy or violent mannerstormily - in a stormy or violent manner  
كالعاصِفَه، بِشِدَّه، بِانفِعالٍ شَديد
á ofsafenginn hátt


adv (lit, fig)stürmisch; protest, reply, answer, reacthitzig, heftig


[ˈstɔːmɪlɪ] advburrascosamente


(stoːm) noun
1. a violent disturbance in the air causing wind, rain, thunder etc. a rainstorm; a thunderstorm; a storm at sea; The roof was damaged by the storm.
2. a violent outbreak of feeling etc. A storm of anger greeted his speech; a storm of applause.
1. to shout very loudly and angrily. He stormed at her.
2. to move or stride in an angry manner. He stormed out of the room.
3. (of soldiers etc) to attack with great force, and capture (a building etc). They stormed the castle.
ˈstormy adjective
1. having a lot of strong wind, heavy rain etc. a stormy day; stormy weather; a stormy voyage.
2. full of anger or uncontrolled feeling. in a stormy mood; a stormy discussion.
ˈstormily adverb
ˈstorminess noun
ˈstormbound adjective
prevented by storms from continuing with a voyage, receiving regular supplies etc. stormbound ships.
ˈstormtrooper noun
a soldier specially trained for violent and dangerous attacks.
a storm in a teacup
a fuss made over an unimportant matter.
take by storm
to capture by means of a sudden violent attack. The invaders took the city by storm.
References in classic literature ?
Laurie dashed into a livelier strain, played stormily for several minutes, and would have got through bravely, if in a momentary lull Mrs.
Reed came along the corridor, her cap flying wide, her gown rustling stormily.
Then they waved their broad leaves stormily, and scattered the heavy drops on his dripping garments.
Month after month for the six years in which the "Editor's Study" continued in the keeping of its first occupant, its lesson was more or less stormily delivered, to the exclusion, for the greater part, of other prophecy, but it has not been found well to keep the tempestuous manner along with the fulminant matter in this volume.