1. One who writes stories.
2. One who writes news stories, as for the electronic or print media.
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Fiction writer Hameed Shahid said Dr Sajjad had many characters in one existence: an actor, novelist, practicing doctor, play writer, fiction writer, progressive and moderate personality, political activist and a short storywriter.
AN eight-year-old girl has proved herself a champion storywriter.
James Moriarty, master criminal, than with their hero--at least in the imagination of English storywriter Arthur Conan Doyle.
Schmidt teamed up with lyricist, director and storywriter Tom Jones on "The Fantasticks" as well as the Broadway shows "110 in the Shade" and "I Do!
On the occasion, Punjabi short storywriter Maqsood Saqib said, "Unless we understand the nature of economics and state oppression of the people, we cannot understand question and demand of Punjabi as mother language."
He achieved great success as a drama and storywriter. The drama serial 'Sohna Chandi' broke all the previous records of popularity.
KUWAIT - Kuwaiti poet, artist and storywriter are awarded at the Arab cultural youth forum.
Sebastian Sanchez won the Best Storywriter award, which includes a cash prize of $1361, for his work in the film "Protect Intellectual Property".
To celebrate Dahl's works, we've looked at the great storywriter's most famous books to discover some fascinating gardening facts therein...
Galadriel Mozee is a multiracial black fat stemme plant whisperer, storywriter, artist, and jam maker fighting for fat/food justice in Portland, Ore., one homegrown home-cooked meal at a time.
Zainab is not only a storywriter but also a researcher and writer on education and issues of women and children.
I am a storywriter and I will be sure to write a brilliant story about you and your thrilling adventures at sea.