stove bolt

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Stove bolt

A small bolt with a square nut and a screwdriver-slotted head. While the bolts were intended to hold the sheet metal parts of stove together, they were widely used for general repair work.
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Noun1.Stove bolt - a small machine boltstove bolt - a small machine bolt      
bolt - a screw that screws into a nut to form a fastener
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I drilled two 3/16-inch holes in the center, then put in a 3/16-inch stove bolt, nuts and washers so I could chuck this into a 1/4-inch electric hand drill.
Drill a 3/16-in.-diameter hole into the slotted end for the stove bolt. Finally, saw or grind off the bolt head, capture it in the stop block with the washers and wing nuts, and slide the stop block onto the dowel.
Stove Bolt: tapered head allows recessing in countersunk hole; usually fully threaded
These must be intact, removable, and replaceable--which means plates must be unrusted and stove bolt holes sound.