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One long, lanky man, with long hair and a big white fur stovepipe hat on the back of his head, and a crooked-handled cane, marked out the places on the ground where Boggs stood and where Sherburn stood, and the people following him around from one place to t'other and watching everything he done, and bob- bing their heads to show they understood, and stoop- ing a little and resting their hands on their thighs to watch him mark the places on the ground with his cane; and then he stood up straight and stiff where Sherburn had stood, frowning and having his hat-brim down over his eyes, and sung out, "Boggs!" and then fetched his cane down slow to a level, and says "Bang!" staggered backwards, says "Bang!" again, and fell down flat on his back.
On show is one of only three known existing stovepipe hats belonging to Abraham Lincoln.
Customised bin-liners and stovepipe hats from St David's Day became a witch's wardrobe.
Two small girls huddle against a woman clutching a child, old men in rags and fifth-hand stovepipe hats, dented and grimy, huddle together against a filthy wall, to offset the perishing cold.
Fewer still have the talent to do it without wading into the fetid waters of dance theater cliche, with stovepipe hats and fake beards.
"I will never forget the joy on the faces of the oppressed hill folk as they ran from their cottages, bursting into song, breaking into spontaneous poetry, cloaks and stovepipe hats hurled to the heavens, the day they realised their saviour had come."
It is winter and the ladies wear fur-trimmed satin bonnets and carry muffs, while the gentlemen are bundled against the cold, crisp night wearing frock coats, stovepipe hats and heavy woolen scarves.
Their principle of "from the farm straight to the table" is reflected in the fresh produce on offer at nearby Lancaster City's Central Market, where bonneted gals join guys in traditional black, cut-down stovepipe hats, sporting whispy, Biblical-style beards, and wearing old-style braces to look after your shopping needs.
Then we did something for Comic Relief which was never shown for some reason -me, Peter and Johnny Vegas dressed up in mutton chops and stovepipe hats to do I Love The 1880s.