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1. A pipe, usually of thin sheet metal, used to conduct smoke or fumes from a stove into a chimney flue.
2. A very tall hat with a flat crown and narrow brim, traditionally made of silk.
3. Informal A pathway for transmitting information higher in a hierarchy while bypassing intervening levels that remain uninformed about this information.
tr.v. stove·piped, stove·pip·ing, stove·pipes Informal
To transmit (information) up in a hierarchy by means of a stovepipe.
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Adj.1.stovepiped - of or relating to data stored in separate databases; "stovepiped information"
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
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You can simply sweep the stovepiped spent case across your pants leg, belt, or holster to get the gun back in the fight.
As the Army worked to develop the TLIS requirements, it was initially stovepiped and fragmented, Morrison said.
Hilton begins with a logical explanation of how we got to huge, overly structured schools, stovepiped companies, and even boring and bland work, public, and home spaces.
This inability to share was due to incompatible intelligence systems and platforms, most of which stovepiped information at each level of analysis and fusion.
5) To effectively manage these limited assets, the JFC and the AADC staffs must have an adaptable coordination mechanism to rapidly plan across vertically stovepiped organizational hierarchies.
While the COE requires the Army to invest in improved infrastructure--such as high-performing servers that can do the work previously performed by multiple machines--the overall hardware footprint will significantly decrease as stovepiped mission command systems are replaced by integrated web applications.
Shelley wants governmental authorities to develop comprehensive strategies that treat terrorism, crime, and corruption together rather than through what she sees as current stovepiped approaches.
These problems mostly stem from stovepiped planning, which is conducted separately by function, with limited visibility into and much less integration with parallel efforts.
If they're serving video for external applications--such as marketing, sales, or ecommerce--there's no reason why the same platform can't be used across these historically stovepiped domains.
The trigger pull weighed over seven pounds, and the gun stovepiped about once per magazine.
The DoD FM Community, similar to other functional communities, is susceptible to criticism for operating in a stovepiped environment, with limited cognizance of interactions with and impacts upon other functional activities.