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The dried stalks and leaves of a cereal crop, used as fodder after the grain has been harvested.

[Middle English, provisions, from Norman French estovers, from Old French estovier, to be necessary, from Latin est opus, it is necessary : est, third person sing. present tense of esse, to be; see essence + opus, need, work; see opus.]


1. (Agriculture) chiefly Brit fodder
2. (Agriculture) US cornstalks used as fodder
[C14: shortened from estovers]


(ˈstoʊ vər)

1. stalks and leaves, not including grain, of such forages as corn and sorghum.
2. Brit. Dial. fodder.
[1300–50; Middle English (pl): provisions, aph. variant of estovers < Anglo-French, n. use of infinitive: to be necessary, Old French estoveir « Latin est opus it is necessary]


The mature stalks of grain such as corn and grain sorghum after the grain is removed. Stover was often used for winter livestock feed.
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Noun1.stover - the dried stalks and leaves of a field crop (especially corn) used as animal fodder after the grain has been harvested
fodder - coarse food (especially for livestock) composed of entire plants or the leaves and stalks of a cereal crop
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