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synchronous transmitter receiver


abbreviation for
(Nautical Terms) steamer


1. steamer.
2. strait.
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In their 2012 report, the Commission did not extend the fingerprint analogy to recognize the possibility that existing databases of DNA STR identification profiles may be used as a link between genomic data and a person's common identifiers.
Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc, 6306 Main St Dplx; STR - Two New Duplexes (Four dwelling units); $349,937.
This study argues that teaching and learning activities in an online synchronous cyber classroom can be better facilitated by using STR technology.
This business model demonstrates how NSWC Dahlgren, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and other Warfare Centers can assist small companies to create solutions for homeland security almost cost-free, since the Navy will realize return on investment in the new and emerging technologies being introduced into the marketplace," said STR President and Chief Financial Officer Ken Ducey, Jr.
In 2000, STR established a consumer products testing laboratory in Istanbul, Turkey, and last year the company opened STR-Registrar LLC to provide accredited ISO 9000 services to domestic and international companies.
Den built STR from a tiny company focused on providing quality assurance services into a global leader in the field of solar module encapsulation.
The acquisition of STR strengthens LSI's business by adding long-standing relationships with traditional discount store chain buyers as well as Fortune 500 commercial sellers," said Bill Angrick, Chairman and CEO of LSI.
LSI expects the STR deal to add approximately $18 million of revenues and approximately $480,000 in net income to its fiscal year 2007 results.
The recent bullish activity toward STR has allowed this strike to move into the role of peak call open interest for the month, but since the shares are trading above 75, what does this mean?
Financial analysts have not flocked to the equity either, as there are currently five "buy" ratings, four "hold" ratings, and no "sell" ratings on STR.
We look forward to further investigation of the potential of STR among breast cancer patients as a treatment to destroy cancer cells that have spread to the bone and bone marrow.
The survival benefit and disease response reported in the STR trials are very encouraging in the multiple myeloma treatment setting and provide continued evidence supporting the use of STR in combination with stem cell transplant therapy for patients with multiple myeloma," said Mark Goodman, M.