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A visual defect in which one eye cannot focus with the other on an object because of imbalance of the eye muscles. Also called squint.

[New Latin, from Greek strabismos, condition of squinting, from strabizein, to squint, from strabos, squinting; see streb(h)- in Indo-European roots.]

stra·bis′mal (-məl), stra·bis′mic (-mĭk) adj.
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Marked by or affected with a squint:
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In the morning the strabismic plug-ugly with the red hair brought him food and drink, while in the evening the non-grunter did the honours.
Strabismic patients with an accommodative element must always wear their fully corrected refractive error indefinitely, as it reduces the size of their squint and provides the potential for binocular single vision.
Binocular summation of contrast remains intact in strabismic amblyopia.
2) is shorter for stimulus deprivation amblyopia than for strabismic amblyopia or anisometropic amblyopia.
The patients were classified into different types of amblyopia like anisometropic, strabismic, sensory deprivation and meridional amblyopia.
Differential changes of magnocellular and parvocellular visual function in early- and late-onset strabismic amblyopia.
Strabismic amblyopia was the most common pathology among ocular alignment disorders (60.
Random-dot-stereogram performance by strabismic, amblyopic, and ocular-pathology patients in an operant-discrimination task.
Have you noticed we've got a strabismic dog on the doorstep?
Cotter SA, Edwards AE, Arnold RW et al 2007 Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group Study: Treatment of strabismic amblyopia with refractive correction American Journal of Ophthalmology 143 (6) 1060-3
At the first assessmenL 1 week before surgery;, the 19 strabismic children had significantly poorer total scores on the Movement ABC and on a manual dexterity subscale than did the controls.