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adj. strag·gli·er, strag·gli·est
Growing or spread out in a disorderly or irregular way: straggly ivy.
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(ˈstræg li)

adj. -gli•er, -gli•est.
sparsely scattered; irregular.
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Adj.1.straggly - spreading out in different directions; "sprawling handwriting"; "straggling branches"; "straggly hair"
untidy - not neat and tidy; "careless and untidy in her personal habits"; "an untidy living room"; "untidy and casual about money"
2.straggly - growing or spreading sparsely or irregularly; "straggly ivy"
distributed - spread out or scattered about or divided up
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adjective spread out, spreading, rambling, untidy, loose, drifting, random, straying, irregular, aimless, disorganized, straggling The yard held a few straggly bushes.
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(ˈstrӕgl) verb
1. to grow or spread untidily. His beard straggled over his chest.
2. to walk too slowly to remain with a body of eg marching soldiers, walkers etc.
ˈstraggler noun
a person who walks too slowly during a march etc and gets left behind. A car was sent to pick up the stragglers.
ˈstraggly adjective
straggling untidily. straggly hair.
ˈstraggliness noun
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References in classic literature ?
"He should pay folks off properly," a thin workingman, with frowning brows and a straggly beard, was saying.
Her hair was rather straggly and she had on a pair of Uncle Henry's old slippers.
Upon the end of his long, stringy neck his little head was cocked to one side, his close-set eyes were half closed, his ears, so expressive was his whole attitude of stealthy eavesdropping, seemed truly to be cocked forward--even his long, yellow, straggly moustache appeared to assume a sly droop.
Old Marrow-Bone even had a bit of sparse and straggly white beard that seemed identical with the whiskers of the old man.
The man's face was smooth except for a few straggly hairs on his chin and upper lip.
"I told you my name was Brown; well, that's the fact, and I'm the priest of the little Catholic Church I dare say you've seen beyond those straggly streets, where the town ends towards the north.
A lock of hair falling in one's eyes at the wrong moment might mean all the difference between life and death, while straggly strands, hanging down one's back were most uncomfortable, especially when wet with dew or rain or perspiration.
Following the energetic Smythe outside into the street, he found that some yard and a half of stamp paper had been carefully gummed along the glass outside, and on this was written in straggly characters, "If you marry Smythe, he will die."
You don't want it getting straggly and woody so cut it back when flowering is finished, removing all of this year's growth, but not back into the old wood.
He's white, in his late 50s, skinny and with shoulderlength, straggly hair.
Carefully clip straggly stems back to the first pair of leaves below the flower head - to prevent the plant putting energy into producing seed.
The chills revolve around a troubled mum (Maria Bello) and her two kids (Teresa Palmer and Gabriel Bateman) who start seeing a gnarly, straggly haired woman during the night.