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Noun1.straight flute - a rock drill with flutes that are straightstraight flute - a rock drill with flutes that are straight
bore bit, borer, rock drill, stone drill - a drill for penetrating rock
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However, many researches on burr formation, surface roughness, thrust force and torque have been carried out with twist drills, because straight flute drills are not frequently used in industries nowadays.
The programme encompasses spiral point taps for through-hole applications, spiral flute taps for threading blind holes and, in the case of white ring taps for cast iron, straight flute taps for both through or blind holes.
& Chen M.N.P (2002) Predictive cutting models for the forces and torque in machine tapping with straight flute taps, CIRP AnnalsManufacturing Technology, vol.
The standard tap design has a straight flute with a spiral point.
They are a new PCD tipped center cutting endmill and a new PCD tipped straight flute "Drilicut 24" drill.
Lap joints can be made several ways, but building this simple jig and using a top-bearing straight flute bit is the most efficient because we also use the same bit for making the oval blanks.
Two new PCD tools for high-speed cutting in aluminum, magnesium, and reinforced plastics include a PCD-tipped end mill and a PC-tipped straight flute "Drillcut 24" drill.
Included are: single and double edge down cut, single and double edge up cut, single and double edge straight flute and three-wing serrated hogging bits.
For cast iron applications, taps include spiral point for cast iron and Meehanite cast iron; straight flute; spiral flute, 15 degree; and spiral flute, 40 degree for graphite, cast iron and Meehanite cast iron.
The bits are available in pilot panel, straight flute and spiral.