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Noun1.straight pin - pin consisting of a short straight stiff piece of wire with a pointed endstraight pin - pin consisting of a short straight stiff piece of wire with a pointed end; used to fasten pieces of cloth or paper together
pin - a small slender (often pointed) piece of wood or metal used to support or fasten or attach things
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Hem the trim's ends by folding over each end 1/4" using a straight pin to hold.
[9] In the same study, they suggested that the femoral interosseous length more than 40 mm can be achieved using a flexible reamer, and not with a rigid straight pin. [9] Flexible guide pin system has gained popularity because of its theoretical advantages of longer femoral tunnel length, further distance from the common peroneal nerve and other structures, and lesser chance of injuring the cartilage of the medial femoral condyle.
Sheet of construction paper Straight pin (needle) Tape Pencil Old 33-1/3 vinyl record from a thrift shop
Use a toothpick or straight pin to clean out the holes.
What you will need: Eggs Newspaper Yellow, red and black paint Brushes White tissue Straight pin Glue Fishing line or nylon thread BLOW THE EGG: Wash and dry the raw egg.
Remove the drawing "nib tip" and rinse in water, and clear out the nib with a straight pin to prevent clogging.
You will need: an empty can, a balloon, a large rubber band (one that will fit tightly around the can), a drinking straw, a straight pin, glue, and paper.
There is even a common straight pin hidden under the corkscrew.
DIN-size plus now come in shoulder lengths of 125 to 200 mm and straight pin lengths of 125 to 630 mm.
Fold a 1-inch-wide, 12-inch-long green ribbon in half and, with a straight pin, attach ribbon ends to the top of the ornament; secure with hot glue.
She found that the long straight pin, used to secure the veil around her head, was also useful in warding off her oppressors.