Conventional in style or mode; typical or familiar: straight-ahead jazz.
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* Straight-ahead to Blumentritt right Isagani (loading and unloading zone) or right Cavite to point of origin
Straight-ahead to Dimasalang right Makiling (loading and unloading zone) to point of destination.
Glausi (trumpet, flugelhorn), Josh Hettwer (tenor sax, clarinet), Torrey Newhart (keyboard), Sean Peterson (bass) and Adam Carlson (drums) offer original compositions and straight-ahead jazz.
Out of the batch, I'm diggin' the weirdly discordant Blowtops, the straight-ahead punk fury and speed of Steeples and Rib Cages, and the jolting noise of Butcher Cover.
The Krol is performed in a straight-ahead fashion with excellent attention to articulations, tempo, and dynamics.
But if you want straight-ahead traditional music with a vibrant feel, than it's hard to do better than Cashel Rock.
A walker dependent on bodily cues may first make a circle to the right, drift back to a straight-ahead direction, start to zigzag and then make a circle to the left.
"Our music is not straight-ahead jazz; it has a range of influences, including funk, township and Latin rhythms.
In order to be an effective lacrosse player, you must be able to transition from straight-ahead speed and small-area quickness quickly.
Would that the two could provide the same balance for their latest effort, Fur, which eschews a straight-ahead biography of Diane Arbus in favor of a fantasy in which the noted photographer (played by Nicole Kidman) meets a fur-covered neighbor (Robert Downey Jr.) who introduces her to the outre subjects that will find their way into her work.
"Because we disconnect the drop link in straight-ahead driving," says Nissing, "you can use a much stiffer anti-roll bar without affecting the ride quality.