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A rigid flat rectangular bar, as of wood or metal, with a straight edge for testing or drawing straight lines.
adj. also straight-edge (strāt′ĕj′)
1. Having a level, even edge: a straightedge ruler; a straightedge razor blade.
2. Abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

straight′edged′ adj.


informal not indulging in any kind of drug-taking or sexual activities


advocating abstinence from alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and sex and sometimes advocating vegetarianism.



a bar or strip of wood, plastic, or metal having at least one long edge for use in drawing or testing straight lines, plane surfaces, etc.
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The bulk of the chapters focus on specific subcultures--spiritual music, popular song, jazz, heavy metal, rap, hardcore, ska, indie rock, straight-edge, folk music, taqwacore, Latino music, race records, jamband communities, and others--and their relationships to social change and activism, identity, authenticity, ritual, meaning, racism, the concept of art, religion, and other sociological concepts.
The lineis completed by fully automatic winding with zero-waste, straight-edge cutovers that create jumbo rolls up to 1-meter diam.
You also get a vacuum-cleaner attachment, a cutting guide for 2x4 wood and a straight-edge guide, which are all great features.
Her husband was part of the New York City's straight-edge punk scene (play loud, but no drug use, no materialism) that forms the core of the novel.
It gives the home chef two options for peeling--the traditional straight-edge blade for hard-skinned fruits and vegetables as well as a serrated blade for softer foods.
It will be designed to look like an old-time barbershop with a contemporary twist, featuring real barber chairs, flat-screen televisions and hot lather shaves with a straight-edge razor.
These guys came to start a band, and they're straight-edge.
Police said they observed a small rock of a white substance on a table, a pipe with a residue in it and a straight-edge razor.
Using the art as inspiration, I carved stars, moon and other shapes out of white mat scraps using a hand-held cutter and a straight-edge.
Many different siding styles and appearances are available, including styles of cedar, stucco, smooth surface, woodgrain, beaded, straight-edge, and roughsawn.
Some of the lyrics of straight-edge music emphasize the damage drinking causes and abstinence as self-liberation--themes with resonances, as Helton and Staudenmeier note, to much earlier American temperance rhetoric.