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a. Honest and frank: "He was straightforward if the news was bad" (Alec Wilkinson). See Synonyms at frank1.
b. Free from ambiguity or pretense; plain and open: straightforward advice.
2. Easy to accomplish, identify, or understand; not complicated, uncertain, or involved: a straightforward car repair; a disease with straightforward symptoms; a straightforward approach to the problem.
3. Proceeding in a straight course; direct.
In a direct course or an honest manner.

straight·for′ward·ly adv.
straight·for′ward·ness n.
straight·for′wards adv.
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Adv.1.straightforwardly - with firmness and conviction; without compromise; "he stood foursquare for religious liberty and toleration"- C.G.Bowers; "dealt straightforwardly with all issues"
باسْتِقامَه، بِشَرَف


[ˌstreɪtˈfɔːwədlɪ] ADV (= honestly) → honradamente; (= frankly) → francamente; (= simply) → sencillamente


[ˌstreɪtˈfɔːwədlɪ] adv (behave) → onestamente; (answer) → francamente
to proceed straightforwardly → procedere senza intoppi


(streit) adjective
1. not bent or curved. a straight line; straight (= not curly) hair; That line is not straight.
2. (of a person, his behaviour etc) honest, frank and direct. Give me a straight answer!
3. properly or levelly positioned. Your tie isn't straight.
4. correct and tidy. I'll never get this house straight!; Now let's get the facts straight!
5. (of drinks) not mixed. a straight gin.
6. (of a face, expression etc) not smiling or laughing. You should keep a straight face while you tell a joke.
7. (of an actor) playing normal characters, or (of a play) of the ordinary type – not a musical or variety show.
1. in a straight, not curved, line; directly. His route went straight across the desert; She can't steer straight; Keep straight on.
2. immediately, without any delay. He went straight home after the meeting.
3. honestly or fairly. You're not playing (= behaving) straight.
the straight part of something, eg of a racecourse. He's in the final straight.
ˈstraighten verb
to make or become straight. He straightened his tie; The road curved and then straightened.
ˈstraightness noun
straightˈforward adjective
1. without difficulties or complications; simple. a straightforward task.
2. (of a person, his manner etc) frank and honest. a nice straightforward boy.
straightˈforwardly adverb
straightˈforwardness noun
straight talking
frank discussion.
go straight
(of a former criminal) to lead an honest life.
straight away
immediately. Do it straight away!
straighten out/up
Their house is where the lane straightens out; He was bending over his work, but straightened up when he saw me; She straightened the room up; He's trying to straighten out the facts.
a straight fight
an election contest involving only two candidates.
straight off
straight away.
References in classic literature ?
I will confess to you, sir, that in spite of my promise, my first impulse was to act straightforwardly and to make everything known to the head of the family, but the thought of his uncompromising sternness made me pause, and the probable consequences of the confession appalled me; my courage failed, I temporized with my conscience, I determined to wait until I was sufficiently sure of the affection of the girl I hoped to win, before hazarding my happiness by the terrible confession.
With an easy-to-use button layout and a simple access to destinations from the list after startup, this device can be operated straightforwardly.
The novel moves ahead straightforwardly, and the mystery unfolds so that it comes as no surprise when the killer is disclosed, but not before red herrings are introduced.
But even that doesn't go straightforwardly, with William bedridden for weeks with a serious illness when Marta and the girls finally reach home.
Jeremy Todd, of support group Family Lives, said: "Trolling is straightforwardly bullying, intimidation and harassment perpetrated by a person who feels anonymous because they don't have to use their real identity.
Yadav also said that the UPA-led Centre should have straightforwardly dismissed the statement of the seer who had a dream about the gold as "baseless".
This text is a survey of Dublin's many "urban landscapes" that exceed or inform its straightforwardly physical ones.
Tim Vaughan, trainer of Kimberlite King "He was a bit disappointing on his first run for us and he lacked a bit of courage at his fences, so we have given him intensive schooling and he seemed to jump very straightforwardly this morning.
Often diabetes can be managed quite straightforwardly.
The English version of this vibrant and eclectic journal reflects its manifesto: "No other work of art that I know of deals with the aggravations we face every day so straightforwardly and with such liberating humor" The first volume includes poems, short stories, a fictional diary, an interview, and a manga inspired by Kafka.
The same service will also deliver intraday market information on the global current markets, such as foreign exchange industry events, currency news and technical levels that straightforwardly influence forex prices through synchronized charts and streaming market news.