strain gage

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Noun1.strain gage - a gauge for measuring strain in a surface
gauge, gage - a measuring instrument for measuring and indicating a quantity such as the thickness of wire or the amount of rain etc.
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Achieving performance like this is not straightforward because virtually all of a strain gage's parameters are affected by temperature changes.
To meet the growing demand for precise and reliable strain gages and accessories operating in harsh environments, Micro-Measurements[R], a Vishay Precision Group, Inc.
Optical strain gages are also suitable for materials testing of fiber composites.
The surfaces of the stainless steel and polymer stem where strain gage are to be fixed (proximal end) were marked (Fig.
The gages were attached to a multiplexed data acquisition system (Microlink 770, Biodata Ltd., Manchester, United Kingdom), which allowed for simultaneous balancing of the strain gage bridges (precision resistors used for completion) and sample rates to 50 Hz.
Yee, Automation of Strain Gage Load Cell Force Calibrations, Proc.
Output is 2mV/V nominal via full wheatstone strain gage bridge of highest quality.
The Cleveland-Kidder(R) DIN-rail GE tension amplifier is a lightweight, low-profile unit that provides excitation and signal conditioning for either one- or two-foil or strain gage web tension transducers (load cells).
A torsion-sensitive strain gage, bonded directly to the rotational shaft by cyanoacrylate adhesive, is read by a battery-powered F-1001 transmitter.