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v. stran·gu·lat·ed, stran·gu·lat·ing, stran·gu·lates
1. To strangle.
2. Medicine To compress, constrict, or obstruct (an organ, duct, or other body part) so as to cut off the flow of blood or other fluid: strangulate an intestinal hernia.
To be or become strangled, compressed, constricted, or obstructed.

[Latin strangulāre, strangulāt-; see strangle.]
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[ˈstræŋgjʊleɪtɪd] ADJestrangulado
strangulated herniahernia f estrangulada
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n. estrangulado-a; constreñido-a;
___ herniahernia ___.
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adj estrangulado
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On failing to appease to women, he strangulated his wife and severely injured his sister with a sharp-edge weapon.
The convicts had strangulated Saiqa, who was the wife of Rasheed.
Sources said the boy was tortured and strangulated by the killers.
Summary: Agra (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Aug 4 (ANI): A man incensed with his wife for talking to another man on WhatsApp, forced her to drink mosquito repellent liquid and then strangulated her to death, police said.
Muhammad Abdullah Dashti and wife, Hajra, 18, were strangulated to death in Khuda Ke Basti Lyari No36 in the premises of Surjani Police Station.
Sialkot -- A young girl was strangulated to death and her body thrown in a canal by her father over honor.
Ayesha Bibi and her minor daughter Amina (5) were found strangulated in their Katcha Jail Road residence on April 14 while her son Ahmad (2) was missing.
The victim identified as Ali Shair, 8 was strangulated to death by his uncle who came from Gujranwala.
In a separate incident of the same nature that took place in 2015, a father namely Ali Nawaz Leghari had strangulated five of his children in Saeed Khan Village near Hala to death over domestic dispute.
HYDERABAD: A young woman was allegedly raped and murdered at her house in the Jamshoro district on Saturday.According to the police, the 22-year-old victim, Sheerin Brohi, was alone at home in the Kotri Site area when unknown persons broke in, raped and strangulated her.
MIRPURKHAS -- A married woman was allegedly strangulated by unknown accused at village Gahi Khan Lashari in the limits of taluka police station here on Sunday.
IANS Thiruvananthapuram The autopsy report of Latvian woman, whose decomposed body was found last week after she went missing from Kovalam in Kerala last month, suggests that she was strangulated to death, informed sources said on Saturday.