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v. stran·gu·lat·ed, stran·gu·lat·ing, stran·gu·lates
1. To strangle.
2. Medicine To compress, constrict, or obstruct (an organ, duct, or other body part) so as to cut off the flow of blood or other fluid: strangulate an intestinal hernia.
To be or become strangled, compressed, constricted, or obstructed.

[Latin strangulāre, strangulāt-; see strangle.]


[ˈstræŋgjʊleɪtɪd] ADJestrangulado
strangulated herniahernia f estrangulada


n. estrangulado-a; constreñido-a;
___ herniahernia ___.


adj estrangulado
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SIALKOT -- An anguished youth accused strangulated to death his sister-in-law (brother's wife) upon her refusal to marry her young sister with the accused in village Khanoor-Sabzpeer, Pasrur tehsil here on Saturday.
MURDER: An anguished youth strangulated to death his sister-in-law upon her refusal to marry her young sister with him in village Khanoor-Sabzpeer, Pasrur tehsil.
According to preliminarily investigation, the girl was apparently strangulated to death as marks of rope were found around her neck.
According to sources, deceased was strangulated by a rope, according to relatives of Yasir Murtaza Advocate age 45, he was kidnapped two days ago.
Reluctant to pay he strangulated Qureshi with a rope and later Mohsin's brother Shayan helped him to slit his throat with a knife,' Memon said.
The child was strangulated to death after being sexually assaulted, according to the authorities.
QUETTA:A 13-year-old girl was strangulated to death by unknown men at Killi Ismail area of Quetta on Sunday.
Kidnapped on January 4 and found from a garbage heap on January 9, Zainab's autopsy report suggested that the minor was sexually assaulted before being strangulated to death.
The child, Shubhpreet Singh, was strangulated by the accused named Gurpreet Singh.
RAWALPINDI -- A strangulated body has been found from the graveyard of Haibib Colony within the jurisdiction of Naseer Abad police.
All patients <16 years of age with a strangulated umbilical hernia were included in the study.
The hair strands were removed and the strangulated haemangioma was excised.