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Patients usually complain of obstructive uropathy, but less severe cases may manifest as a mass inside the prepuce, poor urine flow, strangury, hematuria, and foul smelling discharge.
Right-sided renal colic with haematuria and strangury, and frequent ineffectual urging for urination with dribbling of urine are common pointers to Nux vomica, particularly in thin, irritable, and nervous people.
They are useful in dyspepsia, anorexia, diarrhea, colic, flatulence, paralysis, inflammations, amenorrhea, dysmenorrheal fever, strangury, vesicle and renal calculi.
ligulata is used for the treatment of dysuria and strangury and for stones in the kidney and ureter.
Its use has been advocated in urinary discharge, strangury, leukoderma, anaemia, hyperhidrosis, asthma and tumours.
(Herb), strangury use powdered seeds 58789 and flowers given in strangury [14] Astragalus Roots used as fodder Fodder [14] rhizanthus Royle ex Benth.
When he details what his remarkable potion can cure, the diseases replicate the lists we find in Pliny or in the theriophilic literature that details human susceptibility to illness: "the mal caduco, cramps, convulsions, paralyses, epilepsies, tremor cordia, retired nerves, ill vapours of the spleen, stoppings of the liver, the stone, the strangury, hernia ventosa, illiaca passio" (II.ii.
My continual sufferings from strangury and dysentery are so great that nothing could augment them; but over and against them all I set gladness of mind at the remembrance of our past conversations.' (28)