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 (strə-tē′jĭk) also stra·te·gi·cal (-jĭ-kəl)
1. Of or relating to strategy.
a. Important or essential in relation to a plan of action: a strategic withdrawal.
b. Essential to the effective conduct of war: strategic materials.
c. Highly important to an intended objective: The staff discussed strategic marketing factors.
3. Intended to destroy the military potential of an enemy: strategic bombing.

stra·te′gi·cal·ly adv.


(strəˈtiːdʒɪk) ,






1. of, relating to, or characteristic of strategy
2. important to a strategy or to strategy in general
3. (Military) (of weapons, attacks, etc) directed against an enemy's homeland rather than used on a battlefield: a strategic missile; strategic bombing.
straˈtegically adv


(strəˈti dʒɪk)

also stra•te′gi•cal,

1. pertaining to or marked by strategy: strategic maneuvers.
2. important in or essential to strategy.
3. forming an integral part of a stratagem: a strategic move in chess.
a. intended to destroy an enemy's warmaking capacity: strategic bombing.
b. essential to the conduct of a war: a strategic metal.
stra•te′gi•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.strategic - relating to or concerned with strategy; "strategic weapon"; "the islands are of strategic importance"; "strategic considerations"
2.strategic - highly important to or an integral part of a strategy or plan of action especially in war; "a strategic chess move"; "strategic withdrawal"; "strategic bombing missions"
important, of import - of great significance or value; "important people"; "the important questions of the day"


1. tactical, calculated, deliberate, planned, politic, diplomatic a strategic plan for reducing the rate of infant mortality
2. crucial, important, key, vital, critical, decisive, cardinal an operation to take the strategic island
herstjórnarlegur, strategískur
chiến lược


[strəˈtiːdʒɪk] ADJestratégico


[strəˈtiːdʒɪk] adj
[planning, thinking, plan, decision, importance] → stratégique
[position, point] → stratégique
to be placed at strategic points → être placé(e) à des points stratégiques
[weapons] → stratégique


adjstrategisch; (= strategically important)strategisch wichtig; (fig)taktisch, strategisch; to put something in a strategic positionetw in eine strategisch günstige Position bringen


[strəˈtiːdʒɪk] adj (anche) (fig) → strategico/a


(ˈstrӕtədʒi) plural ˈstrategies noun
1. the art of planning a campaign or large military operation. military strategy.
2. the art of, or a scheme for, managing an affair cleverly.
straˈtegic (-ˈtiː-) adjective
straˈtegically adverb
ˈstrategist noun
a person who is an expert in strategy.


إِسْتِراتِيجيّ strategický strategisk strategisch στρατηγικός estratégico strateginen stratégique strateški strategico 戦略的な 전략적인 strategisch strategisk strategiczny estratégico стратегический strategisk เกี่ยวกับยุทธวิธีหรือกลยุทธ์ stratejik chiến lược 战略的
References in classic literature ?
Aramis and I had to use such words in our strategic studies and castramentative experiments."
The strategic position where the operations would take place was familiar in all its details to the Austrian General Weyrother: a lucky accident had ordained that the Austrian army should maneuver the previous year on the very fields where the French had now to be fought; the adjacent locality was known and shown in every detail on the maps, and Bonaparte, evidently weakened, was undertaking nothing.
The Arab, who had gone down with his mount, was standing astride him, and seeing the Belgian's strategic position behind his fallen horse, lost no time in taking up a similar one behind his own.
In the end Grubb and Smallways were put to the expense of a strategic nocturnal removal to another position.
This abiding-place was a splendid strategic selection.
They drew a cordon round me near Margot Meredith's tree, but I broke through it by a strategic movement to the south, and was next heard of in the Baby's Walk.
Thus I was able, thanks to the strategic disposition of my forces, to intercept two couriers from Mazarin to the queen."
For three years the Sophomores had won in the "rush"; that the victory of this year perched upon the Freshmen's banner was attributed to the strategic generalship of Gilbert Blythe, who marshalled the campaign and originated certain new tactics, which demoralized the Sophs and swept the Freshmen to triumph.
"Yes, we've settled that," said Margaret, undisturbed by his strategic blunderings.
It had escaped the notice of those present that the shelf on which the rioter had taken refuge was within comfortable reach of the dresser, but Eustace himself had not overlooked this important strategic point.
As he was in the deepest of his strategic meditations, the door opened, and Rochefort returned.
A thousand miles beyond the last mission station toiled her engineers and spies, clad as coolies, under the guise of itinerant merchants or proselytizing Buddhist priests, noting down the horse-power of every waterfall, the likely sites for factories, the heights of mountains and passes, the strategic advantages and weaknesses, the wealth of the farming valleys, the number of bullocks in a district or the number of labourers that could be collected by forced levies.

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