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v. strat·e·gized, strat·e·giz·ing, strat·e·giz·es
To determine strategies; plan: strategizing about how to expand the company.
To plan a strategy for: strategized an advertising campaign.


(ˈstrætɪˌdʒaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to make strategies
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To form a strategy for:
Informal: dope out.
Idiom: lay plans.
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In Section IV, Strategizing Corporate Reputation authors accentuate the importance of strategic planning needed for building and managing corporate reputation.
The members participated in a environmental assessment, which included an exercise of strategizing about nursing practice in the future, and ways that nursing would foreseeable be changing, and strategies that could be taken to make nursing stronger and more effective.
As a part of this association, Franchise India will help Promart right from strategizing, getting franchisees to grow the brand and implementation to generate more visibility for Promart.
And that's the power that comes from strategizing hope: The more you do it, the better it works and the more you can do it.
will focus on expanding the brand's distribution primarily in the US, while also strategizing new ways to strengthen e.l.f.
All the schmoozing and strategizing involved in seeking the job of House Speaker is worth it come February, when the leader of the lower chamber gets to choose the chairmen of committees, who have the power to stop, slow or speed legislation through the process.
The ties between Iran and Malaysia are matters of great importance, Mottaki said adding that "we try to institutionalize decisions for deepening and strategizing bilateral economic ties." He said the two sides` high-ranking officials are determined to expand and deepen bilateral cooperation as a special priority.
An architect needs to understand and speak intelligently about environmental and zoning laws to properly assist their client and other members of the development team, such as land-use attorneys, in strategizing site plan applications.
"That homework is absolutely essential-thinking through and strategizing your case for support and documenting that and communicating that to potential donors," said Jim Eisenhauer, chair of the St.
Timing: Timing is essential when strategizing to gain the maximum tax benefit from a charitable contribution.
In compiling what modern scholasticism tells us about the transfer of knowledge among terrorists groups of various faiths and political leanings, Teaching Terror offers a vital resource of information for strategizing new ways to combat terror and protect society.
It's been key for many companies in speeding up their decision making and strategizing where to spend their exploration and development dollars.

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