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Forming a layer or arranged in layers.
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1. (Geological Science) (of rocks) occurring as or arranged in strata
2. (Physical Geography) meteorol resembling a stratus cloud
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(ˈstræt əˌfɔrm)

1. occurring or arranged in strata, as rock.
2. formed or occurring in thin layers, as bone.
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Tom's Zone in the south consists of a narrow massive sulphide stratiform zone in reasonable proximity to interpreted footwall feeder pyrite-chalcopyrite stringers.
The increased southwest winds transformed the south-southwest-north-northeast-oriented mesoscale convective system into one with characteristics more consistent with parallel stratiform (PS) or leading stratiform (LS) precipitation archetype from the preexisting trailing stratiform (TS) archetype, as evidenced by increased reflectivity ahead of the squall line, due to intensification of squall-line-parallel storm-relative winds (Parker and Johnson 2000).
Different Z-I relationships, including Z = 200[I.sup.1.6] for stratiform precipitation and Z = 486[I.sup.1.37] for convective precipitation, were applied to derive rain rate.
In contrast to hypogene chalcocite, the copper associated with red bed and stratiform types of chalcocite is derived from leaching of sandstones and shales at low temperatures by residual brines.
Cobalt is obtained from three main ore deposits: sediment-hosted stratiform copper deposits, magmatic nickel sulfide deposits, and nickel laterite deposits.
On Sunday, the conditions were right for cloud seeding - low-lying stratiform clouds where some cloud "cells were embedded with updraft" of air.
and Wojnar, W.: 2007, History and selected results of convergence studies in underground excavations within stratiform salt deposits.
Previous efforts on the project targeted a folded stratiform breccia horizon.
Yes, fluffy clouds are cumuliform clouds, they have cumulus in their names, the flat sheet type clouds are stratiform clouds that are thin and smooth to fly through.
Several bodies are lenticular whereas others with a stratiform morphology are interfingered with shales and sandstones with undulated lamination (wavy).