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The boundary between the stratosphere and the mesosphere, located at an altitude of about 50 kilometers (31 miles) above the earth's surface.

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(Physical Geography) meteorol the transitional zone of maximum temperature between the stratosphere and the mesosphere
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Caption: Figure 1: The vertical coverage and layers of the 42 CMIP5 models used in this study, with the blue lines indicating the tropopause and stratopause. The overall height of a box represents the altitude of the atmospheric model top and the solid lines in the boxes indicate the altitudes of the vertical layers.
Furthermore, stable atmospheric boundaries like tropopause, stratopause, thermopause and mesopause have similar vertical distributions at different celestial bodies in atmospheres of very different chemical compositions.
In the stratosphere, the air temperature increases with altitude rising from lower than -50[degrees]C to greater than -20[degrees]C at the stratopause [3], which is associated with the absorption of solar ultraviolet radiation by highest mixing ratio of ozone in the stratosphere.