stratum corneum

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stratum cor·ne·um

n. pl. strata cornea
The horny outer layer of the epidermis, consisting of several layers of flat, nonnucleated, dead or peeling cells.

[New Latin : stratum + Latin corneum, neuter of corneus, horny; see cornea.]
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Noun1.stratum corneum - the outermost layer of the epidermis consisting of dead cells that slough off
epidermis, cuticle - the outer layer of the skin covering the exterior body surface of vertebrates
stratum - one of several parallel layers of material arranged one on top of another (such as a layer of tissue or cells in an organism or a layer of sedimentary rock)
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9,808,408 B2; Procter & Gamble has been awarded a patent for a method of identifying a rinse off personal care composition as effective for improving the stratum corneum barrier in a selected population of subjects.
Long thought to be biologically inert, the stratum corneum is now known to be an intricate, biochemically complex structure, the sanctity of which is critical to having healthy skin.
Essential oils can penetrate skin and enhance topical delivery of active agents from topical formulations via a variety of mechanisms, which include disintegration of intercellular lipid structure in stratum corneum, interaction with intercellular proteins, and increasing the distribution of an active agent through the cellular membrane barrier.
Such sequence of procedures is continued several times to get out of the stratum corneum.
The stratum corneum in the DF showed a splitting phenotype by conventional haematoxylin and eosin staining, while the stratum corneum was normal in the AH.
To inhibit this loss of ceramides--and the multiple health risks that occur as a result--it is important to boost ceramide levels not just on the upper surface where lotions sit, but deep inside the skin cells beneath the stratum corneum.
The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis which is primarily responsible for the barrier properties of the skin.
scabiei live in and on human skin where the impregnated female mite burrows into the stratum corneum and lays two to three eggs daily for as long as 30 days.
Ceramide is a component of the stratum corneum of the epidermis layer of human skin.
It starts as release from the dosage form, diffusion through adhesive layer if it is present between the skin and drug loaded matrix, sorption or adhesion through stratum corneum, diffusion through stratum corneum, entry into the layer of the dermis (Figure 1).
Based on Lipogrid technology, the US FDA 510(k) cleared Ceramax allows the physiological lipids to blend in with the skin's natural lipid building blocks and penetrate beyond the stratum corneum, where they contribute to the synthesis of ceramides, cholesterol and other free fatty acids, added the company.
These undergo progressive differentiation as they move from the basal layer (where cell division occurs) up though the spiny and granular layers and into the stratum corneum, where they lose their nuclei and form the outermost layer of the skin.

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