stratus cloud

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Noun1.stratus cloud - a large dark low cloudstratus cloud - a large dark low cloud    
altostratus, altostratus cloud - a stratus cloud at an intermediate altitude of 2 or 3 miles
cloud - a visible mass of water or ice particles suspended at a considerable altitude
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A warming spike caused by the loss of stratus cloud decks could explain the appearance of the Eocene's hothouse climate.
My late grandmother, who passed away at the ripe old age of ninety six somewhere in the early sixties used to point at the sky as a layer of Stratus cloud began to appear and say that this was 'teetar punkh' or 'partridge feathers'.
The cloud is transforming the world and the Stratus Cloud Award is one more example of Array technology continuing to lead the industry."
A week later I sallied forth on an ideal "gentleman's IFR" trip, a short 50-mile IMC trip with gentle stratus cloud bases around 1500 ft.
The parameters that contribute to the formation of stratus cloud (low-level liquid cloud) over the ocean are heat flux (sensible and latent) at the sea surface, cloud radiative cooling/heating in the top and bottom layers, SSTs, and aerosol characteristics.
Company officials would not comment, though, on whether Dell will become a partner in Juniper's Project Stratus cloud computing initiative.
"It appears to be in a region of stratus cloud -- above the region where there is upward mixing."
That said, I was at an airshow the other week, and managed to get pretty nasty sunburn sitting under thick grey stratus cloud for several hours.
The essential question in the oceanic heat budget is how a surface ocean heated by air-sea exchange can remain cool enough to sustain the wide stratus cloud deck.
One problem with the kind of fog pictured here is how it forms close to terrain (fog is just a stratus cloud at or slightly above the ground, of course) as the surface cools.
Cisco took care of that last week.<p>In addition to the new logo, Forbes and our sources report that Juniper will unveil a new software development environment, called JUNOSpace, with three new applications; a next-generation ASIC developed under the code-name "Trinity"; 100G-ready carrier routers, presumably enhancements to the MX Ethernet platforms; an "F5-like" application accelerator/WAN optimizer with software keys, for the data center; and an update on its Stratus cloud computing initiative.<p>The announcement hits on all key phases of Juniper's business and strategy.
How much altitude change in a typical stratus cloud is required to find a place free of ice?