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Adj.1.straw-colored - having the color of dry straw
coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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He leaned back and critically regarded the person of a girl with a straw-colored wig who upon the stage was flinging her heels in somewhat awkward imitation of a well-known danseuse.
They present the same rosy complexions and straw-colored mustachios, the same plump cheeks, vacant eyes and low forehead; and they utter, with the same stolid gravity, the same imbecile small talk.
The Doctor immediately repaired to his wardrobe, and soon returned with a black dress coat, made in Jennings' best manner, a pair of sky-blue plaid pantaloons with straps, a pink gingham chemise, a flapped vest of brocade, a white sack overcoat, a walking cane with a hook, a hat with no brim, patent-leather boots, straw-colored kid gloves, an eye-glass, a pair of whiskers, and a waterfall cravat.
She showed off two of her bats, an African straw-colored bat and an Egyptian fruit bat.
The syndrome, usually characterized by disorderly silvery-blond or straw-colored hair, was a result of inheriting two copies of a gene mutation - one from each parent - that changes the hair shaft of the scalp.
Crab Shack Shandy, described as a golden, straw-colored lager infused with notes of citrus and a hint of lemon and orange zest overlaid with a finely roasted malt flavor, will be available through the end of the summer.
Draining some fuel into a sampling cup and comparing it to what you're looking for may not help, either, since jet fuel typically is clear (or straw-colored) and may not appreciably change the tint of 100LL.
On the nose, this pale, straw-colored wine offers a touch of apple along with the flowers characteristic of viognier.
Olsen, postdoctoral researcher Cindy Vigueira, and their colleagues have shown that different mutations of the same genes underlie the loss of shattering, and the straw-colored hulls and white grains of both Asian and African cultivated rice.
From Austria I'm tapping Hopler Gruner Veltliner, a palate-cleansing pale straw-colored wine with a citrus and mineral edge and a fine dry finish.
Our tasting panel has not sampled the beer, but it is said to be a straw-colored light lager, with an unspecified percentage of wheat in the mash.
2.8 cm in diameter, green; scape bracts straw-colored, foliaceous, densely lepidote on both surfaces, reducing their longitude gradually to the apex, densely imbricate, longer than the internodes; sheaths ovate-elliptic, 5-10 x 3-4.2 cm, conspicuosly nerved, erose-dentate; blades linear-triangular, 6.5-35 x 1.83.5 cm, acuminate and pungent at the apex, armed with yellowish curved ascendent and uncinate spines; primary branches one per node, ascendent to divaricate, 7.8-8 cm long, ca.