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intr.v. strayed, stray·ing, strays
a. To move away from a group, deviate from a course, or escape from established limits: strayed away from the tour group to look at some sculptures.
b. To move without a destination or purpose; wander: cows that strayed across the road toward the river. See Synonyms at wander.
2. To be directed without apparent purpose; look in an idle or casual manner: The driver's eyes strayed from the road toward the fields.
3. To follow a winding or erratic course: "White mists began to rise ... on the surface of the river and stray about the roots of the trees upon its borders" (J.R.R. Tolkien).
4. To act contrary to moral or proper behavior, especially in being sexually unfaithful: "He strayed from his marriage and fathered a son with a village woman" (Adam Hochschild).
5. To become diverted, as from a subject or train of thought: strayed from our original purpose. See Synonyms at swerve.
One that has strayed, especially a domestic animal wandering about.
1. Straying or having strayed; wandering or lost: stray cats and dogs.
2. Scattered or separate: a few stray crumbs.

[Middle English straien, from Old French estraier, from estree, highway, from Latin strāta; see street.]

stray′er n.
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Noun1.strayer - someone who strays or falls behind
dawdler, laggard, lagger, trailer, poke, drone - someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind
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