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The channel through which a natural stream of water runs or used to run.
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(Physical Geography) the bottom of a stream
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the channel in which a stream flows or formerly flowed.
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Noun1.streambed - a channel occupied (or formerly occupied) by a streamstreambed - a channel occupied (or formerly occupied) by a stream
bed, bottom - a depression forming the ground under a body of water; "he searched for treasure on the ocean bed"
dry wash, wash - the dry bed of an intermittent stream (as at the bottom of a canyon)
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* Liquid water 6 Curiosity first came about a dried streambed back in 2013, which was followed by the revelation that the Gale crater was once a lake.
The entrance to the cave is a pleasing scene to watch as clean and cold water flows out of the cave, which has essentially been turned into a streambed. There is a walking path along the wall on one side of the cave, but some visitors walk on the streambed in the middle to feel the cold flowing water.
Bill Rice, a fish passage engineer with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, remembers one project at North Sitze Road at Colter Creek in Mat-Su: "A year after construction 1 noticed a twenty-foot log in the middle of the ten-foot wide pipe sitting on the streambed. That tall it was gone, moved downstream.
"Any lowering of the streambed translates upstream to lower the entire landscape," said Fremier in the report.
The tension ratcheted up several years ago, when Oregon's neighbor to the south began tightening restrictions on suction dredges - gasoline-powered, raft-mounted vacuums that suck up streambed material and water in search of gold.
Measurements of streambed temperature were collected at multiple depths at each location (various depths: 0,0.1, 0.2, 0.35,0.5, and 0.7 m), the data were collected 15 minutes after the temperature kept stable, and then temperature profiles in the hyporheic zone were plotted.
It has been previously reported that aerating streambed features preferentially removed iron but had little impact on the removal of dissolved calcium.
Streambed will debut at SATELLITE 2016 in National Harbor, Maryland.
coli contamination in an agricultural stream, we monitored streambed sediment and the overlying water for E.
The 12-year-old got into difficulties after he fell from a swing into a streambed north of Penhelig, near Aberdyfi.
After analyzing crystals excavated from an ancient South American streambed, researchers report in the April 10 Science that this continental connection must have taken place before 13 million years ago.
The UAE, despite its arid environment, is blessed with a number of wadis, the Arabic word for a valley or streambed in northern Africa and southwest Asia that is usually dry except when it is the rainy season.