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tr.v. stream·lined, stream·lin·ing, stream·lines
a. To construct or design in a form that offers the least resistance to fluid flow: streamline a car's design.
b. To design with flowing, graceful lines: streamline furniture.
2. To improve the efficiency of, often by simplification: streamline a factory process.
1. A line that is parallel to the direction of flow of a fluid at a given instant.
2. The path of one particle in a flowing fluid.
3. A contour of a body constructed so as to offer minimum resistance to a fluid flow.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) making as efficient as possible
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As Cogdell herself acknowledges, providing documentation of this link between streamlining and eugenics proved challenging.
Perhaps one of the most common misperceptions of the sales tax streamlining effort is that it is limited to a small number of states.
And streamlining data means employing any and all of the space reduction techniques we've discussed.
Streamlining tools such as lean manufacturing, six sigma and theory of constraints have become commonplace in a range of industries.
The final rule also reduces regulatory burden on foreign banks operating in the United States by streamlining the application and notice processes.
The 1998 Amendments will greatly strengthen the public rehabilitation program by streamlining administrative procedures, expanding options for consumer choice, improving due process provisions, and increasing opportunities for consumers to obtain high quality employment.
On August 29, 1995, Tax Executives Institute submitted the following comments to William Zachery, IRS Assistant Examination Chief in Atlanta, and Sharon Lovell, IRS Director, Corporate Specialties in Washington, who co-chair an Internal Revenue Service workgroup on streamlining corporate filing requirements and developing a business case for electronic filing of Form 1120.
Some of the technology enhancements included quick-hit automation and workflow improvements, including automatically ordering Insurance Bureau Score reports, automatically assigning plan tiering and simplifying and streamlining the application process by eliminating duplication.
Prone push off underwater: Glide, pull (both arms) glide, whip kick, and glide to surface, streamlining with legal breaststroke start.
Nearly all of the 82 VR programs funded under the Rehabilitation Act, as amended (the Act), have participated in the first wave of streamlining activities.
Clearly, the right technology can make a big difference when it comes to streamlining tax department operations.
By streamlining this process, users can focus efforts on their customers' needs while effortlessly maintaining and growing portfolios.

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