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tr.v. stream·lined, stream·lin·ing, stream·lines
a. To construct or design in a form that offers the least resistance to fluid flow: streamline a car's design.
b. To design with flowing, graceful lines: streamline furniture.
2. To improve the efficiency of, often by simplification: streamline a factory process.
1. A line that is parallel to the direction of flow of a fluid at a given instant.
2. The path of one particle in a flowing fluid.
3. A contour of a body constructed so as to offer minimum resistance to a fluid flow.
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(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) making as efficient as possible
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THE Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) have moved to make the processes involving listing on the NSE more efficient and cost-effective by streamlining the approval process between the SEC and the NSE.
On March 11 the FCC adopted a Report and Order streamlining the Commission's procedures for reauthorizing television satellite stations when they are assigned or transferred.
'With the review and streamlining of processes that we have started to undertake, we were able to identify the processes that need to be improved for each unit or section of the ERC,' she added.
Retirement plan officials by now will be familiar with the tenets of streamlining a defined contribution (DC) plan menu-for example, eliminating multiple funds in the same equity asset class or re-enrolling unsophisticated participants into a professionally managed asset-allocation solution.
Using administrative data, we examine the changes in plan participant investment choices that resulted from the streamlining and how these changes might affect participants' eventual retirement wellbeing.
The text covers all the essential steps for undertaking streamlining to achieve quality improvement and efficiency, from deciding whether and how much to centralize to getting buy-in from stakeholders, choosing a project team, staffing the workgroup, program options and development, logistics of program selection and delivery, evaluation and continuous improvement.
Our experts have amalgamated their respective knowledge to create solutions that connect these functions, bridging gaps within your business process and thereby streamlining your system processes, data acquisition and data flow requirements.
The group currently has more than ten units and it is expected that the streamlining move would reduce lending and operating risks.
The streamlining measures will result in discontinuing or combining certain operations, which will necessitate job cuts.
However, during the 1930s they increasingly embraced and developed streamlining as an aesthetic idiom.
Chief executive Victor Bellanti said there was unlikely to be further streamlining of the business in the immediate future.

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