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Noun1.street child - a homeless child especially one forsaken or orphanedstreet child - a homeless child especially one forsaken or orphaned; "street children beg or steal in order to survive"
child, kid, minor, nipper, tiddler, youngster, tike, shaver, small fry, nestling, fry, tyke - a young person of either sex; "she writes books for children"; "they're just kids"; "`tiddler' is a British term for youngster"
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Topher is what the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child would call a 'child in street situations,' or simply put, a street child.
A street child collects garbage in Katamyia district- Cairo/Egypt Today/Maher ISkander CAIRO - 26 August 2018: If you walk in the streets of Cairo or spend some time stuck in traffic, you'll be familiar with the heartbreaking scene of a little child running between cars and chasing people for some coins.
ISLAMABAD -- The runner-up team of the Street Child Football World Cup, Pakistan landed home on early Saturday morning.
The Sunday Mirror has joined forces with charity Street Child to help victims who have been out of education since April's disaster, which left 9,000 dead.
Youssef added that a vital factor that makes a major difference in the results of the study is the definition of a street child. "The minister talks about children without homes or who spend all their time in the street, but are children who spend their nights in homeless shelters or other places are also taken into the study?
Every street child has a particular reason for entering the street life while some children are deceived by the promise of excitement and liberty; the majority is pushed onto the street by the desperation and realization that they have nowhere else to go.
Street Child World Cup is a major event that brings together football, arts and an international street child conference, designed to campaign for the rights of street children around the world.
You are taking a street child for granted and trying to diminish his dignity.
The founder of Bat4Africa, Charlie Munton has said that money raised from the specially designed, grade one English willow bat will go to the Street Child Africa charity that works with local partner organisations in sub-Saharan Africa, the Mirror reports.
Moreover, the present study revealed higher percentages of helplessness, dependency and insecurity which can be attributed to the formation of groups or gangs comprising of new Street Children usually lead ahead by an adult leader, who himself might be a Street Child earlier.