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Noun1.street person - someone who sleeps in any convenient place
hobo, tramp, bum - a disreputable vagrant; "a homeless tramp"; "he tried to help the really down-and-out bums"
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This case becomes the most difficult of Charlie's career when she transforms herself into a street person, and mixes with the corridor's gangs, do-gooders, and the down-and-out to uncover evidence the police can't continue to ignore.
A person in a small town in northern Taiwan saw a street person dredging up foods from a dirty kitchen leftovers bin on the street and his strong sympathy for the street person had prompted a wave of support from netizens and police.
Case examples and question-and-answer sections are also provided that offer user-friendly guidelines for ensuring custody to rehabilitation of the mentally ill street person. "Dealing With The Mentally Ill Person On The Street" also provides information on how to gain self-care and referral to peers when the stressors of dealing with the mentally ill start to increase to burnout and 'compassion fatigue' in first responders and mental health counselors.
thank the their on the Noel Street person and the bottom look Walker, L8 The management of the Albert Dock should be ashamed of themselves for cancelling such an event and what idiots they have looked to tourists.
Among all of the hilarious errors, the one that stands out the most is the misspelling of a three-letter word for a street person. Yep, here it's known as a "bumb." Guys, wanna play some Scrabble for money?
"Her father was a street person, murdered by another street person," he says.
Sometimes with a mallet, the author of Training bangs out the injunction that the so-called Christians of his era related more to the glorified Christ than to the Christ who in many respects was as repugnant as an insane street person blathering about being the savior.
We come upon a section on disguises, a series of photographs showing a young woman being made up to look like an old lady, a Sikh, and a street person. Spinelli squints at the display.
Kelly is a runaway, furious with the mother who allowed the abuse, a street person now incarcerated in a lockup for troubled adolescent girls.
For Prof there was no distinction between the street person and the educated person.