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1. Requiring great effort, energy, or exertion: a strenuous task.
2. Vigorously active; energetic or zealous: strenuous efforts.

[From Latin strēnuus.]

stren′u·ous·ly adv.
stren′u·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.strenuousness - extreme effortfulnessstrenuousness - extreme effortfulness    
effortfulness - the quality of requiring deliberate effort
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It was their strenuousness which had given Lady Wetherby that battered feeling.
In Brott's face and tone was all the passionate strenuousness of a great crisis.
In the strenuousness of his concentration he treadled fitfully on the floor.
She spoke with a passionate strenuousness which was rather striking.
The Norman genius, talent for affairs as its main basis, with strenuousness and clear rapidity for its excellence, hardness and insolence for its defect.' The Germanic (Anglo-Saxon and 'Danish') element explains, then, why uneducated Englishmen of all times have been thick-headed, unpleasantly self-assertive, and unimaginative, but sturdy fighters; and the Norman strain why upper-class Englishmen have been self-contained, inclined to snobbishness, but vigorously aggressive and persevering, among the best conquerors, organizers, and administrators in the history of the world.
(205) Still other states have expressly stated that the strenuousness of the removal standard will vary for each agency, depending on the nature of the office.
This article examines variation in lower limb robusticity and shape as a proxy for the strenuousness of the mechanical environment of pre-industrial Dutch populations.
During their exercise, they were asked every five minutes what level of strenuousness they were experiencing.
However, regardless of the strenuousness of providing a common solution to the migration problem, it is clear that the EU has taken certain measures towards solving at least the most evident symptoms of the recent crisis, even if the proposed measures are short-term tailored and reactionary.
The physical strenuousness of work is slightly associated with an upward trend in the BMI.
(297.) Herz, supra note 164, at 367 ("The strenuousness of review should be tied to the risk of illegality, which is especially high ...
Babbitt's justification is moral in nature: it is good that we attain the "secret of power," but not if thus we come to sacrifice the "secret of peace." The solution proposed is quite clear: man must choose neither Oriental quietism, nor the Occidental "inhuman strenuousness"; neither "pure repose," nor "pure action," but a fusion of the two (a blending), whereby the whole space between the two extremes is occupied (Babbitt's absolute centromorphism).