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 (strĕp′tō-dôr′nās, -nāz)
A DNA-hydrolyzing enzyme produced by hemolytic streptococci that is used medically, often in combination with streptokinase, to dissolve pus and fibrinous clots or deposits.

[strepto- + d(e)o(xy)r(ibo)n(ucle)ase.]
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Noun1.streptodornase - an enzyme produced by some hemolytic strains of streptococcus that dissolves fibrinous secretions from infections; used medicinally (often in combination with streptokinase)
enzyme - any of several complex proteins that are produced by cells and act as catalysts in specific biochemical reactions
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The synergistic activity of aerobes and anaerobes lead to the production of various exotoxins and enzymes like collagenase, heparinase, hyaluronidase, streptokinase, and streptodornase, which aid in tissue destruction and spread of infection.
Serotype Ml strains produce DNase named streptodornase (Sda) 1, which degrades the DNA in the NET, eventually allowing the GAS to escape from NET-mediated killing.
invasins such as streptokinase, streptodornase (DNase B), hyaluronidase, and streptolysins;