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A highly toxic antibiotic, C25H22N4O8, produced by an actinomycete (Streptomyces flocculus) and active against various types of tumors.

[strepto- + Latin niger, nigr-, black; see nekw-t- in Indo-European roots + -in.]
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While antibiotics display an enormous diversity in chemical structures, quinone antibiotics such as Adriamycin, Mitomycin C, and Streptonigrin deserve special attention [7-10].
Streptonigrin antibiotics, trypan blue (6) and theophylline (7) may also have teratogenic effects resulting in otocephaly.
Dynemicin A and streptonigrin are naturally occurring members of the class of antitumors, antibiotics whose synthesis are based on the utilization of performed quinoline derivatives [5].
It is because certain metal ions are required for the activity and proper functioning of polypeptide antibiotics, such as bleomycin, streptonigrin, and bacitracin.