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Depending on the gate size and the wall thickness of the part, you can get a white stress mark on the surface of the part caused by the stem bending a little before it snaps off.
He said: "I'm satisfied the physical and emotional stress Mark suffered would have played a part in his death.
The lead character in Zephaniah's latest play, Listen to Your Parents, bears many similarities to his creator, although the author is at pains to stress Mark is not Zephaniah.
"His situation will be looked at in about a week's time and I would like to stress Mark has one year left on his contract.
"During further inspection, it was observed that one of the main wheel had stress marks due to abort take off.
The new photography has also enabled experts at the University to identify stress marks on the text and previously unseen fingerprints which all point to a teaching purpose in its creation.
Of the five forms of this word in TschWb, all have stress marked on the initial syllable.
This is because gates located in the middle of the part are more prone to stress marks, plus create concerns with a visible gate vestige.
Thermal environmental stress marks have been used successfully in otoliths of some fish species (e.g., Letcher & Terrick 1998, Volk et al.
If you grind across the spring, you'll probably set up some stress marks that can lead to the spring breaking.
As you open and close the display examine the back of the unit for any stress marks or hidden cracks.
Those readers with a secure grounding in geology might also like to consider the relevance (if any) of the creasing and stress marks in the lava that has filled Cassini, especially in the area between the eastern wall and Cassini A.