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As for fit, the private label brands, although they tout stretchability as a key feature on their packaging, did not offer as many bells and whistles as the store brands, but overall they were satisfactory.
Currently, leading retailers have focused heavily on increasing stretchability in their diapers--a feature already heavily present in the branded arena--but an assessment of store brand diapers on today's market shows less sophisticated stretch vehicles when compared to national brands.
Meanwhile, K-C competitor Procter & Gamble has made upgrades, in the form of stretchability, across its entire baby line.
Using the innovative and patented technology from GPF, stretchability with gentle force reaches 200% elongation rate while the recovery rate is greater than 90%.
As the adult incontinence user continues to demand improved discretion, better fit and ease of use, stretchability has come to play a larger role in this market as has been the case in most disposable segments.
Companies will continue to focus on developing better fitting, less bulky products with improved stretchability.
Textiles laminated with breathable film are widely used for high-functional sportswear due to their breathability, waterproofness, lightweight and stretchability.
In order to evaluate the effect of P3OT-f-MWCNTs on the stretchability of EOC17 based systems, tensile stress-strain analysis was carried out.
I love finding each child's voice, each individual's voice, studying their range and working a harmony to suit that person, but always keeping in mind that there is that stretchability factor.
The work is the first semiconductor in rubber composite format that enables stretchability without any special mechanical structure, Yu said.
For the first time, ultra-high stretchability (ultimate stretch [lambda] of up to 12.
Severe deformation occurring in the shearing process deteriorates stretchability of the sheared edges.