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Noun1.stretchiness - the capacity for being stretched
elasticity, snap - the tendency of a body to return to its original shape after it has been stretched or compressed; "the waistband had lost its snap"
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Caption: THE FABRIC: American Eagle's denims come in varying degrees of stretchiness, which makes the historically difficult task of fitting them much easier.
(3) Investigate how changes in the temperature of gum affect its stretchiness.
With either system, mainline is 12-pound Berkley XL, the stretchiness of which allows striking walleyes to suck the harness far enough in for solid hookups, he says.
There's usually a tradeoff between stretchiness of a material and strength, but these "sacrificial bonds" make both possible.
"There were so many surprises that emerged from our study: new silk genes, new DNA sequences that presumably confer strength, toughness, stretchiness and other properties to silk proteins; and even a silk protein made in venom glands rather than silk glands," said senior author Benjamin F.
These moisturizing herbs prevent dryness and this reduces stretchiness, fine lines and wrinkles.
These terms refer to the stretchiness of a particular yarn and its ability to snap back into shape after it's been stretched.
One of her team members, Cheng-Hui Li, wanted to test the stretchiness of an elastomer that he had just synthesized.
The stretchiness of the elastic eliminates the need for a zipper or other closure.
We used it to dip the pies into, and the delicious bread, which retained the heat of the oven in its slight stretchiness. I could have eaten a dozen.
If you plan to fish using popping corks, a common sight on these flats, you can get away with the stretchiness of monofilament line--just be careful to keep the line's slack to a minimum.
I've found that most bungee cords wear out, at which point the ends break off or the cords lose their stretchiness. As a solution, I get old bicycle tire tubes free from my local bike shop and cut them into strips.