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n. pl. stret·ti (strĕt′ē) or stret·tos Music
1. A close succession or overlapping of statements of the subject in a fugue, especially in the final section.
2. A final section, as of an opera, performed with an acceleration in tempo to produce a climax. Also called stretta.

[Italian, narrow, stretto, from Latin strictus, strict; see strict.]
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n, pl -tos or -ti (-tiː)
1. (Classical Music) (in a fugue) the close overlapping of two parts or voices, the second one entering before the first has completed its statement of the subject
2. (Classical Music) Also called: stretta a concluding passage in a composition, played at a faster speed than the earlier material
[C17: from Italian, from Latin strictus tightly bound; see strict]
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(ˈstrɛt oʊ)

the overlapping of statements of a fugal subject.
[1745–55; < Italian: literally, narrow < Latin strictus. See strict]
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